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The Columbia County Citizen Reporter is brought to you by CitySourced Technology.  It is an innovative smart phone application designed to empower the citizens of Columbia County to report issues that may or may not have been brought to the attention of the County.  The use of the Columbia County Citizen Reporter encourages citizen participation in a collaborative effort that will assist the County in identifying issues that are in need of attention.  In doing so, it improves our response time and efficiency, and allows resources to be dispatched in a more cost-effective manner.


Report An Issue Using One of These Devices

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Download Instructions for Columbia County Citizen Reporter


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Blackberry Users

Blackberry OS5 (Devices from 2009 to 2010), type into your address bar. You also can e-mail yourself the address and click on the hyperlink from the e-mail.

Blackberry OS6+ (All devices made from 2011), type into your address bar. You also can e-mail yourself the address and click on the hyperlink from the e-mail.

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Android Users

From Android devices, go to the Android marketplace and search for Columbia County Citizen Reporter. You can also input directly into your address bar on the phone (not on the desktop).


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iPhone Users

To install the application from iPhone devices, go to the iTunes App store and search for Colunbia County Citizen Reporter.  You can also input input directly into your address bar.




Windows Phone

Version 1.3 is still in process for the store, once approved, you will be able to get it from Windows Phone devices.  Go to the Windows Marketplace and search for Columbia County Citizen Reporter.


TIP:    Once you have entered an address below, click the "Locate" button to place a pin marker on the report map.  Next, use your tab key to advance to the "What are you reporting field?" and use the drop down menu to select an item.   Next, enter optional description (this is required if you are not attaching a photograph).  If attaching a photograph, the "Optional Description" is not required.  Once you have uploaded your photograph to a location of your choice on your computer, click  the "Browse" button to navigate to that document and select it to upload it.  Press your "Tab Key" on your keyboard to advance to the "Next Step" button and complete the fields to submit your report.  With all phones, be sure the GPS feature on your device is turned on! The default on some devices is "off." Get more info on enabling location services.

Additional support is available by emailing  Responses are usually within 24 hours.



Submit A Report Via The Web