Euchee Creek Greenway

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The Euchee Creek greenway trail is bounded by the Savannah River to the north and the city of Grovetown to the south. The majority of the Euchee Creek greenway is located in the floodplain, and floodplain property is generally classified as unsuitable for development, in turn providing for trail development opportunities. As the trail transverses the county, it will meander nearer to the creek to provide scenic overlooks and farther from the stream to highlight features of nearby wetlands and bottomland hardwoods and to provide a glimpse at upland forests.  The varying ecosystems along the trail will provide for diverse scenic encounters and for a variety of educational and recreational opportunities.


Master Plan revision: Alta Planning + Design, one of the nation’s leading trails and greenways planning firms, has completed putting together a well-designed, implementable Greenway network that will give residents and visitors alike a comfortable and safe place to walk, run, and bike. Click here to view the new plan!

Trail Construction: The trail in the city of Grovetown is already complete and can be accessed off of Harlem Grovetown Road.  Plans have been drafted for construction to connect the Grovetown trail to the section in Canterbury Farms. At the moment, construction is estimated to begin in 2017.

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 Euchee Creek Greenway, Phasing Map 


Click here to download a higher resolution phasing map of the Euchee Creek Greenway. 


For more information, please email Andrew Strickland or call (706) 868-3400.