Dedicated Internet Access Services

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Reliable internet service is a more critical network need than ever before because organizations are increasingly dependent on internet/cloud-based applications and data for day-to-day operations and strategic decision-making.  Enhanced productivity and costs savings are necessary to remain competitive in this fast-paced, on-demand, immediate-response environment.  Secure Dedicated Internet Access over optical Ethernet ensures on-demand access to the sensitive information and advanced tools that businesses need as a foundation for success.

Internet connectivity can make or break a business. Employees are dependent upon high-speed access and customers expect it.  C³BU fiber-optic backbone was built to offer you a consistent, reliable dedicated Internet service backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime, latency and packet delivery.  We carefully monitor capacity-to-utilization for optimal bandwidth availability to prevent congestion and ensure service is consistently available.

Our extensive and diverse network delivers built-in resiliency with redundant routers at our network core and edge along with our geographically-distributed peering to numerous other backbone providers. This connectivity provides you with direct, low latency links to many of the largest Internet content providers with the fewest network hops possible.

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) products ensure secure, scalable, high-speed internet connectivity for carriers and resellers alike. With adaptive fiber optic solutions over both protected and unprotected network configurations at speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, we can scale your services to suit your current and future networking strategies.