Civil eFiling

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Civil eFiling

How can I eFile?
Go here to eFile:

What can I eFile?
You can initiate and file into General Civil and Domestic Relations cases.

Is this for new or existing cases?
Both! You can initiate a new case or file into any open case, even those that were not initiated through PeachCourt.

Does this change the court fees?
No! All court fees are the same regardless of how you file.

What does it cost?
Submitting an eFiling via PeachCourt costs $5 per transaction. Each transaction can include an unlimited number of documents in the same case.

How and when do I pay?
You pay using MasterCard or Visa when you submit your filing. Bank draft payments (ACH) are coming soon!

Do all parties have to eFile?
No! It’s up to each attorney. If opposing counsel chooses to file on paper, you can still eFile!

How do I get stamped copies?
The first page of each PDF you upload gets stamped and PeachCourt returns the entire document to you. For $3, PeachCourt can email stamped copies of each filing’s documents to any number of email addresses you provide.

Can I get a new filing alert?
Yes! When any eFiled or paper proceeding is added to the case docket, PeachCourt will alert you via email that the docket has changed.

No more typewriters! PeachCourt completes these forms for you:
Case Initiation Form, Summons and Sheriff’s Entry of Service