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Notary Public
• Certificate of appointment: $39.00
• Certificate of reappointment: $39.00 
• Certificate of Authentication: $2.00 each

Standard Civil Action Filing Fee
• Filing fee: $207.00
• Sheriff’s Service: $50.00
   o Per copy, per defendant: $50.00
• Filing Notice of Appeal:
   o Fees for Appeals are as follows:
      > Preparation of the Record and Transcript for either the supreme court or appellate
         court, per page: $1.00
      > If a Transcript if filed with the clerk and does not require recopying, the per-page fee is
         not charged. In this case, a Transcript Transmission Fee is charged: $35.00
      > Clerk’s Certificate & Court Seal: $2.00
• Transfer of Civil Action from Another County or from State Court: $52.00
• Transfer from Probate Court: $177.00
• Transfer from Magistrate Court: $187.00
   o The magistrate filing fee is collected in magistrate court and transferred to superior court.
      Subtract the magistrate fee from the superior court fee and bill the transferring party
      for the difference.
• Opening Default: $207.00

Publication Fees
• Standard Adoption Notices: $95.00
• Standard Divorce and Name Change Notices: $85.00

Abandoned Motor Vehicle Lien Foreclosure Fees
• Filing fee: $159.00 (includes ADR)
   o For each Affidavit for Abandoned Motor Vehicle, per vehicle.
• Motor Vehicles Judgment Certificate: $3.00

Trade Name Registration Fees
• Filing fee: $159.00
• Publication fee: $40.00

Standard Real Estate Filing Fees
• Real Estate filing fee, first page: $10.00
   o Each additional page: $2.00
• Assignment of Security Deed filing fee: $5.00 per Security Deed assigned.
• Cancellation/Release of Security Deed filing fee, first page: $10.00 per Security Deed 
   o Each additional page: $2.00
• Cross-indexing: $2.00 per instrument statutorily required or by request

Plat Filing Fees
• Plat filing fee: $8.00 per page

Standard Lien Filing Fees
• Lien filing fee, first page: $5.00
   o Each additional page: $2.00
• Cancellation/Release of Lien filing fee, first page: $5.00 per Lien cancelled/released
   o Each additional page: $2.00
• Cross-indexing: $2.00 per instrument statutorily required or by request

Standard UCC Filing Fees
• UCC Financing Statement, first page: $10.00
• UCC Amendment, first page: $10.00
• UCC Continuation, first page: $10.00
• UCC Termination, first page: $10.00
• UCC Real Estate Related, first page: $10.00
   o Amendment, Release, or Termination (Cancellation) Affecting a UCC Real Estate Related
      Filing: $10.00
   o Each page after the first: $2.00

UCC Financing Statement with Assignment Filing Fees
• UCC with Assignment, first page: $20.00
   o Each additional page: $2.00

Fees for Copies and Computer Printouts
• Uncertified copies of documents: $ .50 per page
   o Assisted copies: $1.00 per page
• Uncertified copies, if transmitted telephonically or electronically, first page: $2.50
   o Each additional page: $1.00
• Uncertified copies of documents larger than 8.5 x 14 inches: $2.00 per page
• Certified or exemplified Records, including Certificates and Seals, first page: $2.50
   o Each additional page: $ .50 
• Computer data or computer-generated printouts of public records: $2.50 per page
   o NOTE: No clerk is required to provide computer-generated reports or prepare custom or
      individualized computer compilations or reports for any person or entity other than those
      which are standard, existing computer program used by the clerk. The clerk is not
      authorized to permit access to, or provide copies of, copyrighted computer programs or
      any other computer programs in violation of any software license agreement or that
      contain confidential records otherwise excluded or exempted.
   o The fees in this section apply to all requests filed under the Open Records Act. In addition,
      the clerk may collect a fee for search, retrieval, and other direct administrative cost for
      complying with a request. The hourly charge is not to exceed the salary of the lowest paid,
      full-time employee who has the skill and training to perform the request.
• Fee for Certificate of Pending or Unsatisfied Judgment: $3.00
• Fee for Signed and Sealed Subpoena: $5.00