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To better serve the contractors and subcontractors in Columbia County, a dedicated telephone number and email address are used exclusively to request all inspections.  Requests for inspections are accepted by:  

Phone:  706-447-7733

Please submit requests by 4:30 p.m. the day before you need the inspection.  You will need to specify your permit number, the inspection type(s) and your contact information.  Requests are monitored throughout the day. 

Required Residential Inspections:
Erosion and sediment control
Temporary power
Footing (with site plans and signed transmittals from county)
Plumbing slab (with test – 10’ft head of water)
Slab (either a raised slab or slab on grade, i.e. monolithic slab)
Foundation (lot needs to be graded)
Basement walls (prior to pouring concrete walls)
Basement waterproofing (prior to backfilling)
Exterior wall inspection (before installing brick, siding or stucco)
Stucco/stone inspection (before installing scratch coat)
Rough-in framing (if any part of the lot is in the 100 yr flood plain then a flood certification will be required to be submitted prior to any rough-in inspections being conducted)
Rough-in electrical
Rough-in mechanical
Rough-in plumbing
Gas piping (with pressure test)
Shower pan (with water test)
Retaining wall (footing & final)
Energy efficiency (insulation & air barriers)
Sewer (with water test)
Electrical power
Final certificate of occupancy (before owner moves in, house must be completely ready with all landscaping complete)

Commercial Inspections
Please note, the list of commercial inspections is not all inclusive and will vary by project. 

Building and Structural:
Soil and Erosion and site Inspections (Engineering 706-868-3400)
Chapter 17 of the 2012 IBC if owner requested. (Special Inspections)
Footing/Pier/Pedestal Inspections
Grounding to rebar per NEC Article 250.50 and 250.52 (A) (3). (Prior to last footing being poured).
Slab Inspection
Foundation inspection if crawlspace
Exterior wall inspection for shear wall/diaphragm to check nailing pattern for O.S.B./Plywood Sheathing on roof deck and exterior walls (prior to installation of brick/siding and exterior wrap)
Framing rough-in (wood/metal studs)
Steel framing inspection (structural steel and pre-engineered buildings)
Bond beam inspections for block walls
Tilt-up wall inspection (after formed-up, rebar set and prior to pouring concrete)
Poured wall inspection (rebar in concrete wall)
Retaining wall inspections (footings and walls)
Above ceiling – framing
Roof drain inspection (water or air test)
Cell Towers (Foundation, and Final)
Final building

Electrical Temporary Power
Bonding (grounding) to rebar per NEC Article 250.50 and 250.52 (A) (3) to all commercial buildings whether they are steel, concrete or wood.
Electrical conduit under slab
Electrical conduit below grade
Rough-in electrical
Low voltage inspections
Above the ceiling (electrical and low voltage)
Final Electrical

Pre-Duct Wrap Inspection (for all Supply & Return ducting)
Rough-in mechanical
Gas Piping Inspection
Above the ceiling (mechanical and gas)
Final Mechanical

Plumbing under slab with 10 foot head of water or air test
Rough-in plumbing with water or air test (this includes testing plumbing under slab again)
Insulation on water lines
Above the ceiling (plumbing and gas)
Final Plumbing

Fire Rated wall inspections (drywall)
Fire alarm test
Flow test for sprinklers
Hood suppression test
Grease duct inspection (light-min 100 watt or smoke test
80% Fire Marshal inspection
Above ceiling - Fire Marshal (sprinklers) prior to installing drop ceiling
Final Fire Marshal (Life Safety Inspection)