Lightning Detection

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Columbia County plans for severe weather during outdoor recreational activities.

Lightning detection equipment will warn of approaching dangerous weather conditions.

The Columbia County Recreation Department, in coordination with EMA and Weather Service Officials, has purchased portable lightning and storm detectors that will alert participants and spectators of approaching dangerous weather during outdoor recreational activities.

The lightning/storm detectors will indicate that a storm is approaching with indicator lights and by sounding an audible alarm.

During outdoor activities such as baseball, it is sometimes difficult to gauge a storm's distance by sight and sound only. Lightning may look and sound far away, but it can cross great distances without warning. With this detection equipment, lightning can be detected as far as 40 miles away and monitored as it approaches.

Procedures that outline what actions will be taken, based on the storm's distance, have been developed. Whenever a storm is indicated from 3 to 8 miles out, all activities will cease for an automatic 30-minute delay and safety measures are taken to protect participants, spectators, game officials, and staff.

Columbia County is proud to be a "StormReady Community" and this effort is one more step in the progressive severe weather readiness program that earned our community this prestigious designation.