Protect Your Property From Flood Hazards

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Property Protection Measures

Every year, flooding in the United States causes more property damage than any other type of natural disaster. While recent improvements in construction practices and regulations have made new homes less prone to flood damage, there are a significant number of existing homes susceptible to flood losses. The flooding to these properties can be minimized through temporary and permanent retrofitting techniques such as:

  • Constructing a floodwall or earthen berm to keep water away from your house. These methods area accepted if you have a large lot, if the flooding isn't too deep and if your property is not in the floodway.
  • Waterproofing your walls and placing watertight closures over the doorways. This method should be used on homes with basements, or if the water will not get over two feet deep.
  • Raising your house above the flood level.

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Drainage System Maintenance

The drainage system in Columbia County must be kept clean or flood risks may increase. Debris (even grass clippings) in ditches, storm drains, and streams may obstruct the flow of water and cause overflow into streets, yards, and homes. Columbia County's Ordinance Section 34-148 makes it illegal to dump debris into any part of the county's storm sewer system, which includes storm drains, ditches and waterways. If you see any violations, please contact the Stormwater Department at (706) 855-7246.


Illegal dumping