Mobile and Web Based Applications

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Here at GIS, we believe in supporting a mobile friendly world, and as a result, we have worked with various other departments to put information at our citizens' fingertips. Scroll through the listing of our mobile applications, and find the one (or all) that is right for you. 

Mobile applications quick links:


Maps Online

Checking out property or utility information? Curious what voter precinct or County District you fall in?  Maps Online is your go to information hub!

Maps online is an innovative and interactive web based application which offers access to spatial data within Columbia County. The GIS Department works with several County Divisions to provide data about utility information, zip codes, zoning, and property information, like taxes, ownership, and sales records. Maps Online also helps keep voters informed about their voting precincts, polling locations, and Federal, State, and Local districts.

Maps Online was built with users in mind, but if you have questions, you can access the User Guide by clicking here. Do you have unanswered questions? Please call the GIS Department at 706-868-3421.

You can access Maps Online from a variety of places within the Columbia County webpages, but we recommend bookmarking it as a favorite. Click here to open Maps Online now!



Notifications of Public Hearings

Have you seen a notification sign, and want more information? This app is for you! 

The Notifications of Public Hearings application is yet another innovative and interactive web based application brought to you by the GIS Department. By partnering with the Planning Department, we are able to put the information you want and need about public hearings in your hands as quickly as possible. You can access application paperwork, staff reports, hearing dates, and more by clicking on the marker representing the location of a notification sign along a roadway. If you have questions or concerns regarding an item scheduled for a hearing, please call the Planning Department at 706-868-3400.

The Public Hearings app was built with users in mind, but if you have questions, you can view the how-to video by clicking here. If you'd rather glance through the PDF user guide, you can access it by clicking here. Do you have unanswered questions about the application? Please call the GIS Department at 706-868-3421. 

You can access the Public Hearings from a variety of places within the Columbia County webpages, but we recommend bookmarking it as a favorite. Click here to open the Notifications of Public Hearings app now!


Columbia County GA Citizen Reporter

See something amiss? Download this application and let us know!  

An innovative application designed to empower the citizens of Columbia County to report issues that may or may not have been brought to the attention  of the County. The use of the Columbia County Citizen Reporter encourages our citizens to participate in a collaborative effort assisting the County in identifying issues that are in need of attention. In doing so, it improves our response time and efficiency and allows resources to be dispatched in a cost-effective manner.

This application is not to be used for 911 purposes. If something is an emergency, dial 911!

The Columbia County Citizen Reporter is brought to you by CitySourced Technology.

 Get it on Google Play  



Interactive Campus Map

Headed to a County department, and not quite sure where to go? The Interactive Campus Map is your insider guide to who is where!

The Interactive Campus Map is a web based application that has been built for use by our citizens' to help guide them to County departments. From time to time, offices are shuffled around between building as departments grow, needs change, and buildings are adjusted. With the Interactive Campus Map, you can search a department's name and find out exactly where they are- campus location, building ID, and even floor number. Considering we live in a mobile world, the Campus Map is mobile friendly and can use your location services to tell you where you are and show you where you want to go.

If you have questions about how to use the application, please call the GIS Department at 706-868-3421.

You can access the Interactive Campus Map by clicking here


   Columbia County at Work

Have you ever wondered what your sales tax dollars and stormwater utility fees actually do?  Columbia County at Work is here to answer your questions!

Columbia County at Work is a web based application that, much like the projects it highlights, is constantly under construction.  It highlights projects funded by SPLOST, Georgia DOT, and Stormwater fees that range from quick response to long term construction improvements.  The site is a result of a partnership with Construction and Facilities Management and the Engineering Services division, and while Columbia County at Work provides an overview of projects currently happening in the County, it is in no way a complete listing of all of the work being done.  More information about projects, whether they're featured on the site or not, can be found by visiting the respective department's website or calling 311.

If you have questions about how to use the application, please call the GIS Department at 706-868-3421.

You can access Columbia County at Work by clicking here


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 Other Web Applications

Unsure as to who your representatives are or where you should go to vote? Use Find Your Representatives to answer all your questions!

Have you noticed an error in your physical address as compared to County records? Use the Address Verification site to send the GIS Department your information!

Are you looking into developing a site in Columbia County? We've partnered with the Traffic Engineering Department to provide a convenient, easy-to-use site to access Traffic Count information!



Story Maps

Want to learn more about the history of our county? The Columbia County: A Historic Place to see is for you!

Are you more interested in how the County is working to preserve and protect our trees and wildlife? The Greenspace Virtual Tour is the perfect starting place.

Love to be outdoors, but not sure what we have to offer? Sounds like the Discover Columbia County Outdoors has exactly what you need.


Logos for Citizen Registration Page 

Columbia County CodeRED Emergency Notification System

Want updates on your mobile device when something is going on? Register your device with CodeRED today!  

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management Agency, Engineering Division, Water Utility and GIS Department have come together to provide a proactive, cost efficient and effective public notification system.

Certain situations warrant notification of people based solely on their physical location.  Some examples of these situations would be missing persons, suspects’ at large, hazardous material releases or spills, dam failure, civil emergencies, water service interruptions, severe weather situations, emergency road closures and other important information.  The CodeRED Emergency Notification System provides us with immediate, map-driven communication that seamlessly combines all phone and GIS data to rapidly deliver incident-related information or instruction to target audiences.  This system also has full TTY/TTD capabilities, ensuring messages are delivered to the hearing impaired.

Currently, the Emergency Notification System already includes both public and unlisted landline telephone data; HOWEVER citizens must register mobile phones, SMS Texting, VoIP phones (voice over IP or internet phones) or email addresses in order to receive these notifications based on validated county addresses.  Please follow the instructions listed below to register these devices. 


Instructions to Register for Alert Notifications

  • Browse to web address
  • Fill in the fields for your contact information.  NOTE:  Only those who have not previously registered with Columbia County need to complete the registration link.  Also, you only need to register Mobile phones, SMS texting, VoIP phones and email addresses.   All land lines (published and unlisted) are already included in our notification system)
  •  Severe weather alerts are selected by default.  Just deselect any notifications you do not want to receive
  • Once you check the box stating that you agree with the terms and conditions, click ‘Verify Information’ to continue your registration.  You can create a ‘Managed Account’ with a password or you can just submit your information
  • If you added an email address, you will receive an email confirmation from    NOTE: (an email address is not mandatory to register with this system unless you choose to have a ‘Managed Account’)
  • Notifications received on your phone will display the following numbers on your caller ID.  Please add these numbers to your mobile phones so that you will know that CodeRED is notifying you:

    General notifications affecting your residence:  855-969-4636
    Emergency notifications affecting your residence:  866-419-5000


Make sure you download the FREE CodeRED Mobile Alert App also.  This will work nationwide to give you weather warning alerts when you are out of town also.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please call (706) 868-3303 during normal business hours or email us at