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Jonathan R. Heise , CHIEF


Mission Statement:

The Columbia County Marshal's Department is dedicated to providing high quality services, through efficient practices and professionalism.  We take pride in our duty to serve and protect, as well as enforce the orders and writs of the Magistrate Court of Columbia County. 


About us:

The Columbia County Marshal’s Department is a law enforcement agency that is made up of 4 Deputy Marshals and 1 Chief Marshal, all of which are certified peace officers.   Our department is charged with serving the Magistrate Court through various functions. These functions consist of the service of civil and criminal papers that are filed within the court, providing courtroom security for all sessions of Magistrate Court, performing all evictions within the county, and assisting plaintiffs with the collection of judgments.





Fieri Facias (FIFA's):

A FIFA is a post-judgment order of the court allowing the Marshal to levy upon property of the defendant in order to satisfy the corresponding judgment.  In addition, when a FIFA is recorded in superior court a lien is automatically placed on any real property that is owned by the defendant within the county.  Once the Marshal's Department receives the FIFA, a money demand will be made; however, a deputy will contact the plaintiff first as the money demand is an optional step in the levy process.  If the defendant refuses to pay, or is unable to come up with a payment plan that the plaintiff will accept, the levy process can be initiated.  Please click here for more information regarding the levy process.   



The eviction process starts when a landlord (or his/her agent) files a dispossessory affidavit in the Magistrate Court of Columbia County.  The affidavit is then given to the Marshal's Department for service.  Once service is perfected on the defendant (tenant), the defendant has seven days to file an answer with the court.  If the tenant fails to answer or is unable to prove their case in court, a writ of possession is granted.  At that point, a 48 hour (courtesy) notice is left at the residence and a Deputy Marshal contacts the landlord to schedule the eviction.  During the actual eviction a Deputy Marshal will standby in order to ensure that the property is peacefully returned to the landlord.  The landlord is responsible for providing all labor as well as paying any costs associated with the eviction. 



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