Youth Sports Handbook

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Dear Youth Sport Parent, Coach, or Official,

Welcome to Columbia County Recreation Department’s (CCRD) Youth Sports Programs. We at CCRD strongly believe that participation in athletics plays a valuable role in the development of children. Aspects of teamwork, dedication, discipline, physical fitness, self-esteem, and fair-play all contribute to the overall growth and maturation of young people. The Recreation Department takes its role in this process seriously and strives to offer quality programs which will aid in this development.

We feel open communication with parents, coaches, and participants is crucial for a successful program. Our youth sports website,, has been developed to keep you informed and contains information on schedules, contacts, standings, rain outs, maps, and other announcements. Our staff is always here to discuss any issues and answer any questions you may have. Collectively, our athletic programming staff members have over fifty years of full-time experience organizing and overseeing youth athletic programs. They also hold numerous training certifications through the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) as well as other organizations.

Our volunteer coaches are the lifeblood of our programs and we do everything we can to prepare them in the best way possible. Each of our coaches has gone through an application process that includes reference checks and criminal background checks. They are required to complete training and maintain certification through the National Youth Sports Coaches Alliance (NYSCA). This certification trains coaches on the philosophy of youth sports, injury prevention, practice organization, game rules, dealing with common issues, and much more.

All too often individual egos of the adults overshadow the children’s opportunity to have a positive experience participating in youth sports. Our roles as professional administrators, volunteer coaches, and youth sports parents should be to work together to provide a positive, fun experience for children so that they may learn from sports everything it offers.

This handbook is presented to serve as a reference for you, as a parent or volunteer coach, so you may better understand the philosophies of the agency regarding youth athletics, and to aid you in doing your part in making this program a success.

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Best Regards,
Dennis K. Hodges, CPRP
Parks & Recreation Department Manager 
(706) 863-7523