Things Every Renter Should Know...

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Important Information

Top 5 Questions To Answer Prior To Your Event

Each event is different than the next, but all events have the same guidelines.  Answering the following questions, and providing the answers to the RF&V staff prior to your event, should ensure a smooth event from start to finish.

    1.  What is my rental time and what does that mean? - The renter chooses the rental time based on their needs and budget.  Different time brackets can be chosen as well.  The length of time the rental should be can be determined by the following questions....
How much time do I need for loading in and decorating.  (This time should include the caterer, dj, linens, cakes, etc.)  
2.  How long will the party last?  
3.  Ho
w long is it going to take for clean up? 
Once these questions have been answered, the 'rental time' can be determined.  We are available for entry as early as 6 am and clean up cannot go beyond 1 am.  All rental times are consecutive hours and on the same date.  Over night is possible with the payment of an overnight fee.    

    2.  What exactly is my responsibility during clean up time? - After your event, clean up time begins.  In all cases, at least the last hour must be designated as your clean up time but, depending on the extent of decorations, you may need to plan for a longer clean up time.  For example, if your caterer has fed 350 guests and used our dishware, flatware, and glassware, they are expected to wash and put away all of those items.  This task will obviously take more than one hour.  In addition to the caterer, this is the time the DJ breaks down, the staging company must come and remove their equipment, all gifts or other personal items are removed etc.  The rented space must be left in vacuum-able condition and all trash is taken to the dumpster for disposal.  All of this must be complete by the end of the 'rental time.'

   3.  Who is my designated representative? - Even though the renter has signed the contract and understands all of our rules and regulations, they are not usually present during the set up or clean up.  Each renter should designate a responsible person that will be present from the beginning through the end of your event. This person would be the only authorized person to make decisions on your behalf and must speak English.

    4.  Will the children attending my event have proper supervision? - Whether a wedding reception or a birthday party, many events include children.  Planning for proper supervision of children is an important part of your event. Not only should children remain within the rented area, but they should also be properly supervised by the renter and/or parents.  Safety is our number one priority and with stairs, high decks and rough terrain on site, proper adult supervision is key.  In addition to proper supervision, a deputy may be required.  All parties for ages 13 - 21 require the oversight of a Columbia County deputy.  The RF&V staff will schedule the deputy for the event, but the renter is responsible for payment that day.  The current fee is $25 per hour for each hour on site.  The deputy is to stay on site until the end of the rental time.

    5.  Will there be other events going on at the same time? - You can assume, Yes.  Fridays and Saturdays are our busiest times.  The only time one renter will have exclusive use of any facility is if they have rented the entire building.  Very often four events are going on simultaneously with two upstairs and two downstairs.  

Other items all renters should know.....

All events must end by midnight, with  no exceptions.  Clean up cannot go beyond 1 AM.  If your clean up will take longer than one hour, preparations must be made to end your event in enough time to complete the clean up by the designated time.

Groups wishing to hire a band to perform at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion must have rented the entire Grand Ballroom or the entire building.  Events having bands must inform the Sales Office Staff upon making this decision.

For large, open to the public events, a $2 million liability policy will be required.  The Columbia County Board of Commissioners must be listed as a secondary insured. 

If noise from your party is excessive or if your guests intrude on another party, the Manager On Duty (MOD) will notify the Renter.  If no corrective action is taken, your event may be ended  without refund.

Bubbles are strictly prohibited both inside and outside rental facilities.  In the event that bubbles are used and put into the water feature at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion, then the  complete loss of the renter's damage deposit will result.

All Columbia County owned properties are smoke-free.

 Please read the following information and keep it in mind when planning your decorations at any of our locations.

  • Arrival, set up, decorating and clean up is  done during the renter's requested rental time.   The last hour is always used for clean up.  If additional time is needed, hours can be added to your rental for additional fees. 
  • Rental times are specified during signing of the contract, and final adjustments are made at least 7 days prior to event date. 
  • Dance floor, pillars etc. must be delivered and removed from the facility during the specified rental time.  Early delivery is not allowed as storage space is not available.
  • Nothing causing permanent damage may be used (e.g., no nails, staples or two sided tape).
  • Mylar confetti, glitter, and bubbles are strictly prohibited in all of our rooms. 
  • Hay or straw is not allowed in any facility.
  • Candles are allowed, however; the flame must be enclosed in glass, a floating candle, a taper candle in a hurricane glass, etc.  The flame must burn below the rim of the enclosure.
  • When a wedding is planned, the unity candle is allowed but must be smokeless, dripless and must be extinguished when the ceremony is over.
  • Candelabra are allowed but must be smokeless, dripless and must be "chase" candles which means they have a metal sheath around the candle that keeps it secure in its base.
    Again, all candelabra candles must be extinguised immediately after the ceremony.
  • Linens can be provided at an additional fee, but must be ordered and paid in full at least 3 weeks before the event date.  Linens are NOT guaranteed to be in place on the tables upon arrival.  Our staff on duty will check them out to you and instruct you on how to use the skirting clips, if necessary.  No linens are offered with Eubank Blanchard or outdoor facility rentals.
  • Balloons are allowed.  However; if your  room has ceiling fans, then the fans will be kept off during your event.
  • Rice is not allowed.  Birdseed and ecologically safe rice are allowed but must be thrown outside of the facility.
  • Decorating the windows is allowed at Savannah Rapids Pavilion but only pushpins can be used on the top ledge of the framing.  Nothing on the face is allowed. 
  • All decorations must be taken down and removed from all buildings during the last hour of rental.  Nothing can be left behind. 
  • Lost or misplaced items will not be the responsibility of the facility or its staff.

Alcohol Policy:

     Alcohol is allowed to be served on the premises of most County-owned rental facilities.

  • The renter must provide the alcohol to his/her guests.  BYOB is strictly prohibited.
  • If alcohol is being served, a Columbia County deputy will be scheduled by department staff at the renter's expense.  The cost is $25 per hour, per deputy.  The deputy is scheduled from the beginning of the event through the end of the rental time which includes the clean up hour.
  • The client is to pay the deputy on the evening of the event, in the form of cash or check.
  • If the event has more than 200 in attendance, two deputies are required.  If an event is larger than 300 guests, more deputies and a fire marshal may required.  Renter must coordinate with the RF&V manager to determine exact requirements.  Special events like proms or trade shows may require additional security.
  • If admission tickets are being sold, then the renter is required to obtain a single day $2 million  insurance policy and name Columbia County Board of Commissioners as an additional insured.
  • If the renter is charging admission, selling alcohol, selling drink tickets or using a caterer, a County Single Event Alcohol Permit is required.  Application for the County Permit is filed through the office at Code Enforcement, Bldg A, Evans Government Comples.  The fee for a County Permit is $50 per day, per event.
  • Once a County Permit is received, forms will have to be mailed to the State of Georgia.  The forms are available from code Enforcement.  If assistance is needed  with filling out these forms, the State office can be called for assistance at (706) 651-7635.
  • Cash bars are allowed only when both permits have been received and are displayed behind the bar.
  • Cash bars are not allowed on Sundays, however; alcohol is allowed to be served from an open bar.
  • Kegs of beer are allowed but must be in a container that will not sweat or leak.  If a spill occurs during a rental, removing the spill is the renter's responsibility immediately upon discovery.
  • Kegs cannot be put on a table. 
  • Beer, wine, liquor and champagne are all alcoholic beverages.
  • Bartenders will be responsible for removing trash generated by the bar and any mess made will be the bartender's responsibility to clean up.
  • Bartenders must deliver and set up the bar areas during the specified rental time.  Clean up/breakdown is to be done during the last hour of rental.

Caterer's Rules:

  • All deliveries and arrivals must occur during the renter's requested rental time.  If additional set up time is required, the renter must make those arrangements with RF&V staff at least 5 days prior to event date.  Additional time may be purchased per hour at 10% of the room rental rate.
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the kitchen.
  • If you are using the upper level kitchen, a $100 kitchen usage fee must be paid before access is allowed.  An additional $50.00 is charged for china/glassware use.
  • Flatware, stoneware and stemware are available with the payment of the kitchen usage fee.  Coffee urns can be checked out with prior notice. 
  • No serving items, i.e. chafing dishes, water pitchers or serving trays are offered with the kitchen usage fee.
  • The kitchen must be kept in a neat and clean condition.  All walkways must be kept unencumbered throughout an event for safety purposes. 
  • If the kitchen has been rented by two separate caterers, the kitchen will be split with equal amounts of space allocated to each caterer. 
  • Only the area you use is what is required to be cleaned up.  If you used the entire kitchen, you are required to clean the entire kitchen.
  • All kitchen garbage is the responsibility of the caterer.  If additional garbage bags are needed, the Manager on Duty will assist you. Trash liners are not for use by the caterer for their purposes.  Only for disposal of food or trash generated at this event.
  • All china used must be washed properly and checked back into the china closet while the  Manager on Duty is present.
  • All kitchen counter tops have to be wiped down, appliances cleaned (inside and out) and floors will be swept and mopped at the end of the event.  The Manager on Duty must sign the check-out sheet for the damage deposit to be refunded to the renter.  Failure to check out with the MOD may cause the renter to lose their damage deposit.

Florist's Rules

All deliveries and arrivals must occur during the renter's requested rental times.  If additional set up time is required, the renter must make those arrangements with RF&V staff at least 5 days prior to event date.  Additional time may be purchased per hour at 10% of the room rate.        
  • Any mess made during the set up/creation of arrangements is the responsibility of the florist. 
  • Any arrangements with large vases or other equipment must be removed from the facility during the clean up hour of the rental.
  • No item left behind or lost is the responsiblity of the RF&V staff.

DJ's or Bands:  Only renters with the Grand Rapids Ballroom or the entire facility are allowed to use a band. 

  • All deliveries and arrivals must occur during the renter's requested rental time.  If additional set up time is required, the renter must make those arrangements with RF&V staff at least 5 days prior to event date.  Additional time may be purchased  per hour at 10% of the room rate.
  • Smoke machines are not allowed inside any of our rental facilities.
  • Pyro-technics are strictly prohibited in any of the Columbia County Rental Facilities. 
  • DJ or Band members must cooperate with Managers on Duty.  Failure to do so may result in an immediate halt to the event and being disallowed for future events.
  • If the noise is excessive, the Manager on Duty may ask that the music be turned down.  If the DJ or band does not comply, the MOD has the authority to pull the plug and end the party.
  • DJ or Band must be able to break down during the last hour.  If breakdown cannot be completed during that time, you will have to stop playing early enough to complete the task without going past the end of the rental time.

Tables and chairs will be in place upon your arrival for decoration. 
Placement of linens is renter's responsibility. 
Interchanging of 8 foot tables for 6 foot tables may possibly be done at the discretion of the set up crew as necessary.

If after reading this you still have questions, please call for more info at: (706) 868-3349.