Rental Rates

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Canal Headgates Buildings

Maintenance Fee Schedule: A maintenance fee must be paid for any event. MOD fees will be calculated and added to the maintenance fee. If renter requests a set up of tables and chairs, a set up fee will also be charged.

Dance Pavilion Only:                                                                                    Side view of Dance Pavilion
Maintenance Fee: $ 150.00 + staff fees
Refundable Damage deposit w/o furniture: $50.00
Refundable Damage deposit with furniture: $100.00

Dining Hall only:
Maintenance Fee: $ 100.00 + MOD fees
Damage deposit: $50.00 (Ten 9' foot picnic tables are in place inside the Dining Hall)

Dance Pavilion and Dining Hall only: no BBQ Pit
Maintenance Fee: $ 175.00 + MOD fees
Damage deposit: $100.00

All three buildings: Dance Pavilion, Dining Hall and BBQ Pit*
Maintenance Fee: $225.00 + MOD fees
Damage deposit without set up: $100.00

A $25.00 administrative fee will be charged on all cancellations.
* No events less than 48 hours apart are allowed for the BBQ pit. Bricks must be allowed to cool naturally.

Manager on Duty: This fee is added to the maintenance fee
The amount of the fee will be determined by the length of time on site. All set up and clean up is considered time on site i.e. total time will include any time client is on property.

For Example: If your time begins at 9am and ends at 1am, the client would be charged $15.00 per hour for each hour or in this case the fee would be $225.00. These fees will be totaled at the time of booking and paid in full 60 days prior to event.

More than one staff person may be necessary depending on size of function, alcohol consumption or in the case of a combination rental.

Set up Fee: Additional fee
If the client chooses to have tables or chairs set up, there will be an additional $50.00 fee. The Dining Hall has tables and chairs in place, no additional set up will be done in that facility.

Deputy: Additional fee
If a deputy is required for your event, one will be scheduled for you.
Cost of the deputy is $20.00 per hour.   Deputies are assigned to arrive at the beginning of the event and must stay through the clean up hour.    Payment is the renter's responsibility and is made to the deputy the night of the event, cash or checks are accepted.  Minimum payment of 4 hours is due.