Central Laboratory

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A Department of the Water Utility Division

Rodney Silvey
(706) 868-3460

The Columbia County Central Laboratory was constructed in 1998 and staffed in 1999. The Laboratory mainly plays a supporting role within the waterworks. We assist other departments such as the Water and Wastewater Departments by accomplishing two main goals.




Our first goal is to collect, analyze, and report to each department their “Regulatory” sampling results.  Some of these tests include the following:

Our second goal is to help ensure the safety and quality of Columbia County’s drinking water.  In order to accomplish this, we sometimes have to play the part of an inspector.  For example, when we have a major water main installed within the County, an analyst from the laboratory will go to the site and test the chlorine levels  that the contractors have added for disinfection.  When the chlorination process passes our inspection, the analyst will collect and analyze samples for TCB.  If these test results are negative, meaning that there are no Total Coliforms present, then the analyst will inform our Engineering Department the line is safe and may be used as part of our ever growing distribution system.

We also investigate water quality concerns that arise.  Most water quality problems deal with aesthetic issuesIf you have a problem or concern about your water quality, then you can call the laboratory Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM at (706) 868-3460.  Or if we are out, you can call the main office at (706) 863-6928 and leave us a message.

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