Little River WPCP

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In Operation since 1989

The Little River Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) was put into service in June 1989.  Currently, the second major expansion is  complete, which places this plant's treatment capacity at 6.0 Million Gallons per Day (MGD).  As the County continues to grow, this plant will expand to serve the majority of the new developments.  The typical daily treatment through this facility, at present, is about 3.0 MGD.  Current staffing at this plant is 1 Head Operator and 3 Operators.

 LR 2010

Frank Blocki
Head Operator

 Facility Office
1130 Maple Ridge Court

Evans, GA 30809

Office Phone: (706) 855-7138
Fax: (706) 868-3341


The Georgia Association of Water Professionals has an award program for facilities that do not violate their National Pollutant Discharge Ellimination System Permits (NPDES) permits for any calender year.  This award is called the "Gold Award."  Little River has won the "Gold Award" consecutively for 11 years.

After the fifth consecutive win the "Gold Award"  develops into a "Platinum Award."  Since 2004 all the awards achieved by Little River have been "Platinum Awards."  This is an amazing feat and a tribute to the knowledge and skills that these operators possess.






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