The Water Treatment Process

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The following is a general description of the water treatment process.

  • Raw water is pumped to the water plant by means of raw water pumps.

  • At this point chemicals such as alum, caustic (or lime), and chlorine are added to the raw water.

  • The now chemically-treated water enters into a static mixer to thoroughly disperse the chemicals.

  • Next, the water enters into a flocculation basin in which the water is constantly undergoing a slow mixing motion with the help of paddle wheels or over-and-under baffle walls.  This mixing motion will assist the alum to adhere to the dirt particles that are in the water.  The result is known as"floc."

  • After the flocculation chamber, the water enters into the settling basin.  In the settling basin the water  will encounter a wooden baffle wall along with the floc.   The wooden baffle wall will act as a barrier to the remaining part of the basin.  The larger particles, will collide with the wooden baffle wall and sink to the bottom of the basin.  The remainder of the smaller floc will eventually settle out and float to the bottom as well.

  • At the end of the settling basin there are several weirs,  lengths of saw-tooth metal, running parallel with the basin.  These weirs are designed to skim the water from the surface.  Since the heavier particles have either settled out or are floating below the surface of the water, the cleanest, most particle-free water will enter into the weirs.

  • After entering the weirs, the water will then be directed into the filters. The filters will filter out any remaining unwanted solids in the water.

  • Upon exiting the filters, the water will receive its final chemical treatment. Chlorine, caustic (or lime), and fluoride are added.

  • This water is now known as potable water and is safe for human consumption.  The potable water enters into on-site storage tanks known as clearwells.

  • From this point, high service pumps take the water from the clearwell and send the water out to the distribution system.