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National Preparedness Month

Post Date:08/27/2018 11:14 AM

Columbia County Emergency Management Urges Residents to Take Action During Preparedness Month 

September is National Preparedness Month, and Columbia County Emergency Management is encouraging residents to get prepared for a disaster before it happens.Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Ready America campaign, National Preparedness Month was founded after 9/11 to increase awareness and encourage action for emergency preparedness nationwide.

National Preparedness Month is an ideal time for all residents to revisit their emergency preparedness efforts. 

National Preparedness Month (NPM), recognized each September, provides an opportunity to remind us that we all must prepare ourselves and our families now and throughout the year. This NPM will focus on planning, with an overarching theme: Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.  

Take time to learn lifesaving skills − such as CPR and first aid, check your insurance policies and coverage for the hazards you may face, such as flood, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Make sure to consider the costs associated with disasters and save for an emergency. Also, know how to take practical safety steps like shutting off water and gas.

The devastating hurricanes and wildfires of 2017 reminded the nation of the importance of preparing for disasters.  Often, we will be the first ones in our communities to take action after a disaster strikes and before first responders arrive, so it is important to prepare in advance to help yourself and your community.

Throughout the month, Columbia County Emergency Management will be encouraging residents to take action to prepare. This year’s theme is “Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How,” and each week focuses on a different topic related to the theme.

Week 1 (Sept. 1-8): Make and Practice Your PlanMake (or update) your emergency plan, and practice it.

Week 2 (Sept. 9-15): Learn Life Saving Skills Learn basic skills to protect yourself, your family, and your home.

Week 3 (Sept. 16-22): Check Your Insurance Coverage – Check your insurance coverage to make sure you are protected for any disaster.

Week 4 (Sept. 23-30): Save for an Emergency – Complete an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit, and maintain an emergency savings.

 For more information about local National Preparedness Month activities, contact Columbia County Emergency Management.

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