COVID-19 Executive Order June 29, 2020: From the Office of Governor Brian Kemp
COVID-19 Executive Order June 11, 2020: From the Office of Governor Brian Kemp.


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Augusta University and Columbia County are offering Coronavirus antibody testing to county employees

(June 1, 2020)

Who has had or have COVID-19? Has the virus been lingering during flu season? Those are questions health professionals are trying to answer. Read more about antibody testing at WJBF →

Augusta University and Columbia County are teaming up to conduct antibody testing and research

(May 11, 2020)

Research suggests educators and emergency services personnel are at higher risk for exposure of COVID-19 because of the different members of the public they interact with every day. The Infectious Diseases Department at Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia is conducting an antibody study to provide information on how to open businesses in Columbia County safely. Read more about antibody testing at WJBF →

Columbia County welcomes group antibody testing in COVID-19 research

(May 11, 2020)

There's a lot of unknown during this difficult time, but antibody testing could provide clarity for decisions in the future. Read more about antibody testing at WRDW →

Antibody testing in Columbia County could show how much, how early COVID-19 spread

(May 11, 2020)

Looking for antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 in Columbia County could answer a lot of important questions. Read more about antibody testing at The Augusta Chronicle →

Amazon bringing fulfillment center to Appling, ending months of speculation on I-20 project

(April 27, 2020)

After months of speculation, Amazon is bringing a fulfillment center to Appling and Columbia County. After hearing rumors for months, a 77-acre site will be home to the Amazon fulfillment center -- the biggest project to come to Columbia County.  Read more about Amazon's fulfillment center at WRDW →

Amazon announces fulfillment center for Columbia County, 800 new jobs

(April 27, 2020)

More jobs are headed to the CSRA courtesy of Amazon. The company is building a new fulfillment center in Columbia County. Governor Brian Kemp says this means more than 800 new jobs. Read more about the Amazon fulfillment center at WJBF →

New Columbia County Program gets Community Moving

(March 4, 2020)

Columbia County Events is ready to get the community moving with a new health initiative in local parks called Move Columbia County. The free movement begins in April which is National Move More Month. Read more about MOVE Columbia County at The Augusta Chronicle →

Evans Market to move location and time

(February 26, 2020)

The Evans Market will return this April with some changes since its opening in 2018. Previously held on Thursday evenings at Evans Towne Center Park, the market will now be held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Plaza across from the park. Read more about the Evans Market at The Augusta Chronicle →

Columbia County I-20 interchange to get new bridge, two roundabouts

(February 25, 2020)

The bid for a project that will replace the Interstate 20 Exit 183 interchange has been awarded.
United Infrastructure Group Inc. was announced as the approved bidder for the $8.496 million reconstruction project that will replace the bridge, add two roundabouts and relocate Nature's Way at Exit 183 at Appling-Harlem Road. Read more about the Exit 183 interchange at The Augusta Chronicle →

Columbia County Fire Rescue Receives New Dive Boat

(February 14, 2020)

Columbia County Fire Rescue Dive Team has added a new dive boat that we're told is in service and ready for use. This new boat replaces a 19-year-old, 18-foot boat that was used for the dive team’s search and rescue missions. Read more about the new dive boat at WFXG Fox 54 →

Columbia County Fire Rescue Demonstrates New Boat

(February 14, 2020)

The new boat, a Carolina Skiff 2590 DLX EW, is about 25 feet long and 6 feet wide with a platform that gives divers more room to work and even carry a portable fire pump. The boat was demonstrated to local media at Wildwood Park on Friday and will be used in search-and-rescue missions, boat fires or house fires close to a body of water. Read more about the new dive boat at The Augusta Chronicle →

Columbia County fire working to recruit new firefighters through schools

(January 21, 2020)

Teachers, law enforcement officers, and firefighters are some of the most important jobs across the country, yet they’re the hardest to fill. Columbia County Fire Rescue is working with the school system to try and fill those positions here. Read more about the new fire recruit program at WRDW →

Columbia County Mobile App Helps County-Resident Communication

(January 20, 2020)

The Columbia County government is increasing communication with their residents with their My County mobile app, helping residents navigate around county owned property. Read more about the My County:Columbia County mobile app at WJBF →

Columbia County Parks set to be Complete in 2020

(December 30, 2019)

Looking ahead to 2020, a number of county parks that are currently under construction will be completed. Read more about the completion of county parks during 2020 at WFXG →

Upcoming Road Projects in Columbia County

(December 30, 2019)

Your daily commute along some Columbia County roads will be impacted in the new year. The last major road project was Washington Rd., and it finished up right before 2019. Read more about upcoming road projects for 2020 at WFXG →

 A Look Inside the Columbia County Performing Arts Center

(December 27, 2019)

The NewsChannel 6 crew put their hard hats on and got a tour inside Columbia County's Performing Arts Center. Read more about their look inside the Performing Arts Center at WJBF →

Columbia County Joins Fight to keep Design Standards Local

(December 18, 2019)

The Columbia County Board of Commissioners is taking a stand against state legislation that would limit local control of design elements for homes in the community. Read more about house design regulation proposal at The Augusta Chronicle →

Columbia County Fighting Against GA Bill that would Stop Local Governments from Regulating House Designs

(December 17, 2019)

Columbia County is voting to adopt a resolution that would be against House Bill 302. That basically takes away local government's ability to control design standards for houses under construction. Read more about house design regulation proposal at WRDW →

Blackstone Camp Road Apartments Approved

(December 17, 2019)

The commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the development that will be across from Stallings Island Middle School. Read more about Blackstone Camp Road apartments at The Augusta Chronicle →

13 Counties meet at Regional Roundtable for TSPLOST Project Renewal 

(December 16, 2019)

Over a billion dollars in funding was broken up into separate projects for these 13 counties. Leaders deliberated on the lists right here. Among those in approval were Columbia County Chair Doug Duncan and Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis. Read more about the Regional Round-table TSPLOST list at WJBF →

First look inside Columbia County's Performing Arts Center

(December 13, 2019)

Columbia County's Performing Arts Center is a $32-million project with every detail meticulously planned out to be as grand as possible. Read more about the Performing Arts Center at WRDW →

Columbia County's 19th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Holiday Market

(December 6, 2019)

Santa along with thousands of folks on his nice list will pack Evans Towne Center Park for the 19th Annual Christmas Tree lighting and third annual Holiday Market. 10,000 people are expected to be here tonight and Columbia county officials say each year, they make it bigger and better. Read more about the 19th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at WFXG →

Tips to Prevent Fires when putting up a Christmas Tree

(December 6, 2019)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and lights on a Christmas tree bring the holiday spirit, but it’s more than just turning on the lights that can be a danger to your home. Operations Chief for Columbia County Fire Rescue, Danny Kuhlmann, says, “remember this time of the year you’re bringing an added fuel load into your house.”  Read more about Christmas safety tips at WJBF →

Columbia County Receives Third 'AAA' Bond Rating

(November 1, 2019)

The 'AAA' rating from S&P Global Ratings offers an exceptional degree of credibility and shows the county is able to meet its financial commitments, according to a county news release. Read more about the county's 'AAA' bond rating at The Augusta Chronicle →

A look into the list of proposed T-SPLOST projects in Columbia County

(October 21, 2019)

$514,000,000. "There's a big pot of money," Deputy County Manager, Matt Schlachter said. "The money is collected throughout the region and it has to be divided among-st all the members of the region." Columbia County submitted $630 million of projects. But they'll be lucky to get between 80 and 160 million dollars. Read more about the potential TSPLOST list at WRDW →

Lewiston Road Project Plans Begin to See a Timeline

(September 23, 2019)

Lewiston Road has a lot of moving parts but we’re going to start seeing progress soon. The Lewiston Road project is also known as the diverging diamond project at I-20. It’s starting at Gateway Blvd. and ending at Hereford Farm Rd. Read more about the Lewiston Road Widening Project at WJBF →

Columbia County Property Taxes Rise from Property Value, Millage Rate Lowers

(September 18, 2019)

Columbia County property tax bills are in mailboxes and posted online and tax dollars have risen.

We’ve entered what they call a sellers market. Growth is coming to Columbia County and people want to live here. Read more about property tax values and the millage rate at WJBF →

Columbia County looking to bring residents closer to more local shops and restaurants

(September 13, 2019)

Busy roads: check. Parks: check. Family-friendly neighborhoods: check. Columbia County says they've been successful getting families in, now, they want them to stay. They plan to spend half a billion in the next five years on infrastructure and millions on the quality of life. Read more about the vision for downtown Evans at WRDW →

Local leaders continue to adjust for growth in Columbia County

(September 13, 2019)

Preparing the county for additional growth was a common theme among local officials who spoke at the annual State of the Community Address in Grovetown on Thursday. 

The county plans to spend about a half-billion dollars in the next five years on construction and work with cities to help manage growth, administrator Scott Johnson said. Read more about the growth of Columbia County at The Augusta Chronicle →

Columbia County’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony

(September 11, 2019)

 Community members, county leaders, and first responders gathered here today, 18 years after the tragic event, to remember those who lost their lives in 9/11 and those who risked it all to save others. Read more about the county's 9/11 Day of Remembrance Ceremony at WJBF →

Construction finally on the horizon for $50M Fury's Ferry Road expansion

(September 6, 2019)

Fifty million dollars’ worth of changes on Fury’s Ferry Road -- it seems like a project we've been talking about forever, but construction is finally on the horizon. Read more about construction of Fury's Ferry Road at WRDW →

Road Designs Submitted to Columbia County's next TSPLOST

(July 24, 2019)

Columbia County leaders have heard their local residents complaints and suggestions, took them into account, and is in the process of creating road designs to submit for the next TSPLOST, The designs are funded by the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Read more about the proposed road projects at WJBF →

Major Road Projects in Columbia County Expected for Completion in 2022

(July 24, 2019)

Flowing Wells Rd., Fury’s Ferry Rd., and Lewiston Rd., are the main road projects Columbia County is looking to widen, add turn lanes, and even include a diverging diamond on the south side of I-20. Read more about the road projects at WJBF →

Performing Arts Center and The Plaza in Middle Stages

(July 23, 2019)

Two major projects in Columbia County are setting the scene for a "downtown Evans."  Read more about the Performing Arts Center and The Plaza at WJBF →

Boom! in the Park Celebrated at Evans Towne Center Park

(July 4, 2019)

Columbia County celebrated July 4th with the “Boom! At The Park” event. The event used to be held at Patriots Park, but was held at Evans Towne Center Park this year. There were 15,000 people expected to be there.  Read more about Boom! in the Park at WJBF →

Watershed Protection Plan Keeps Columbia County Waters Clean

(July 3, 2019)

Columbia County has been making sure the water in our backyards, our docks, and even that which goes in our cup is sanitary. Clean water is something many take for granted, but for the past eight years, it;s been one of the focus’s for the county. Read more about the Watershed Protection Plan at WJBF →

Euchee Creek Greenway to Connect Columbia County through Trails

(June 15, 2019)

The Euchee Creek Greenway starts in Canterbury Farms. Phase one will end at Patriots Park.

Construction has officially begun for phase one and in just about a year, the Greenway will expand 4.3 miles with connections to Greenbrier High School, Bartram Trail Golf Course and Blanchard Woods Park. Read more about the Euchee Creek Greenway project at WRDW →

Columbia County Begins First Phase of Euchee Creek Greenway Project

(June 11, 2019)

Columbia County is moving forward with the highly anticipated Euchee Creek Greenway project, which officially kicked off Tuesday.  Read more about the Euchee Creek Greenway project at The Augusta Chronicle →

Evacuation Centers are Pre-Identified and Take a Team

(June 3, 2019)

Did you know there are established evacuation centers within the county? Read more about evacuation procedures and centers at WJBF →

Emergency Response Times Cut in Half in Columbia County

(May 11, 2019) 

Emergency response times for Columbia County could be cut in half with the addition of the county's 7th ambulance. Read more about the benefits of a seventh ambulance at WRDW →.

Little Helper: Robot Assesses Damage from Storms

(April 16, 2019)

This robot dog, better known as Buddy-Rover, is a big help when it comes to accessing storm damage that people just can't reach. Read more about Buddy-Rover at WRDW →.

Largest Bounce House in the World makes its way to Columbia County

(April 4, 2019)

It's the largest world-record holding bounce house in the world and the first time Columbia County has ever done something as big as this.  Read more about the bounce house at WRDW →.

Columbia County Farmer's Market

(March 07, 2019)

The Columbia County Farmers Market will be open every Thursday from 4-8 PM until October. Read more about Columbia County Farmer's Market at WRDW →.

Patriots Park Update in the Works, Other Parks on the way in Columbia County

(March 06, 2019)

If you've been down William Few Parkway lately, you'll see and hear some big changes. Construction has kicked off at two new places for parents to take their kids in Columbia County. Read more about Patriots Park Expansion at WRDW →.

Preparing to Jump Start Master's Week in Columbia County

(February 20, 2019)

The countdown to the Master's Golf Tournament is on. Tens of thousands of people will pour into the CSRA in less than two months. To kick the week off, Columbia County is bringing in more than 10,000 square feet of fun! Read more about Golf Week in Columbia County at WFXG →.

Columbia County Offers Traffic 101 Sessions  

(February 5, 2019)

Columbia County drivers have a chance to learn about how the traffic system works in Columbia County.  It's called Traffic 101 and if you drive in or near Columbia County, you know rolling on the pavement can be a challenge.  These, sessions, typically 45 minutes to an hour, will be offered twice a week and give you a glimpse into the overall traffic flow. Read more about the Traffic 101 sessions at WJBF →.

Work to Widen Flowing Wells Road

(January 31, 2019)

It's officially in phase one, which is utility relocation. Georgia Power has been spending time clearing out trees so they can move the power lines back, and water, sewage, cable and more are all doing the same. Read more about the Flowing Wells Road project at WRDW →.

Building the Future of Columbia County

(January 21, 2019)

Columbia County has a new commission chair in Doug Duncan, but he is a familiar face to the county and is ready to see the county continue to grow. Read more about the vision of Columbia County with new Chairman Duncan at WJBF →.

Columbia County works with GDOT to Crack the Exit 190 Code

Quick response to Exit 190 commute for local residents is highlighted in the winter issue of the Georgia Department of Transportation's Milepost magazine. The article can be found on pages 14 and 15. Read more about the quick response for Exit 190 at Milepost →.

Street Lights Coming to Five Intersections

(January 14, 2019)

Leaders want to make roads safer in Columbia County by adding streetlights. They say five intersections are dangerous, especially at night and they hope some extra light will help. Read more about the proposed street lights at WRDW →.

Columbia County Performing Arts Center Starting to Take Shape

(January 10, 2019)

Construction at the site of the Columbia County Performing Arts Center is well underway. When it's finished, it'll be a $32 million venue. Read more about the Performing Arts Center at WRDW →.

Doug Duncan Sworn in as Chairman of Columbia County Commission

(January 2, 2019)

After 16 years Columbia County has a new leader in charge. Wednesday evening, Doug Duncan was sworn in as Commission Chair with his wife, Jean, and daughter, Molly, by his side. 

New Columbia County Commissioners, Chairman Take New Role 

(January 2, 2019)

It's a new year, and that comes with big changes for the Columbia County Board of Commissioners. Read more about the new commission at The Augusta Chronicle →.

Different Columbia County Leadership will have full plate for 2019

(January 2, 2019)

We don’t know precisely what’s been running through Ron Cross’ head these past few weeks, but wrapping up 16 years in office likely is bittersweet for the now-former chairman of the Columbia County Board of Commissioners. But he did help execute a clean hand-off when his chairmanship officially transferred Wednesday to former District 1 Commissioner Doug Duncan. Read more about the transition in leadership at The Augusta Chronicle.

Shop with a Firefighter

(December 21, 2018)

53 " big kids" from the Columbia county fire department joined the kids of Dream Academy on Friday  to help them cross  items off of their Christmas list. Read more about shopping with a firefighter at WJBF →.

Ron Cross' Last Meeting as Columbia County Chairman

(December 18, 2018)

Long-time Columbia County Chairman Ron Cross has his last meeting on commission. Read more about Ron Cross' last meeting at WRDW →.

Columbia County Sheriff's Office wants Tactical Throwable Cameras

(December 17, 2018)

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office wants tactical throwable cameras to help keep officers safe during risky operations. Read more about the tactical throwable cameras at WRDW →.

Chairman and Chair-Elect Get Ready for Transition

(December 4, 2018)

Columbia County Chairman Ron Cross is packing up and getting ready to say, "Goodbye," to a position he's held for most of this century. Read more about the Columbia County Chairman transition at WJBF →.

Columbia County Mobile Operations Center Gets Upgrades

(December 4, 2018)

Columbia County's Emergency Mobile Operations Center has gotten some upgrades. What was once used by volunteers is now the central hub for several emergency agencies within the county. 

County Leaders Work to Block Potential Tax on Airbnb

(December 3, 2018)

County leaders are working together to prevent a possible tax on Airbnb that could affect host and guest. Read more about potential Airbnb taxes at WRDW →.

Columbia County First Responders Attend Training Event with Mobile Operations center

(November 20, 2018)

Representatives from Columbia County's Emergency Management Agency, Fire Rescue, Sheriff's office and the Fleet and Information Technology departments participated in Operation Convergent Response at the Guardian Center in Perry, Ga. with the county's Mobile Operations Center during the week of Nov. 5-8. Read more about the training event at The Augusta Chronicle.

Marshall Square Lot Made Available for Public Parking

(November 6, 2018)

There will be more parking available for events and businesses near Evans Towne Center Park. The Columbia County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday in favor of an agreement with Georgia MFM Properties LLC to lease the lot at the former Marshall Square retirement community for public use. Read more about the approved public parking at The Augusta Chronicle.

Washington Road Development

(November 5, 2018)

Columbia County is looking to rezone a plot of land on Washington Road to add commercial, retail and self storage space. Most are happy to see restaurants and shopping so close to home. Read more about the proposed Washington Road development at WRDW →.

New Programs at the Columbia County Library

(October 31, 2018)

Have you visited the Columbia County Library lately? There is so much to discover. Kids can improve their reading skills with the Book a Bunny program, and our guitar checkouts are still going strong. Read more about the new library programs at WRDW →.

New Gateway Signs for Columbia County

(October 19, 2018)

Columbia County’s Convention and Visitors Bureau has been working long and hard on some new signs, now releasing the final design. You'll see them entering and leaving Columbia County and throughout the town. Read more about the proposed new signage at WRDW →.

"Ride on Time" App Launches in Columbia County

(October 9, 2018)

Columbia County has a new app for motorcycles and bicycles that increases rider safety. It's called, "Ride on Time Columbia County." Read more about the Ride on Time mobile app at WJBF →.

Columbia County, Georgia - A Hidden Gem 

(October 8, 2018)

Business View Magazine interviews Scott Johnson, County Manager of Columbia County, Georgia, as part of our focus on best practices of local governments. Read more about Columbia County at Business View Magazine →.

Columbia County Hosts BMX Gold Cup

(September 28, 2018)

This year, Columbia County is hosting the BMX Gold Cup. They're expecting it to bring more than 3,000 people, nearly a $1 million and more women to Columbia County to race than ever before. Read more about the BMX Gold Cup at WRDW →.

Columbia County Fire Rescue Gets Upgrades

(September 18, 2018)

In Columbia County firefighters say they'll be able to help people faster thanks to some new equipment. Read more about the recent upgrades for Columbia County Fire Rescue at WRDW →.

Columbia County Emergency Management Encourages Residents to Prepare for Natural Disasters 

(September 9, 2018)

Columbia County Emergency Management team is encouraging residents to get ahead of the storm. A natural disaster can happen at any time, so it’s important to have plans in place especially during peak season. 

Update on Flowing Wells Road Widening Project

(August 13, 2018)

It's a widening project that's been in the works for years. Flowing Wells Road. But dirt could be turned on the project soon. Read more about the Flowing Wells Road project at WJBF →.

Columbia County Mapping Captures Living History

(August 13, 2018)

Columbia County learned a lot after commissioning its first historic resources survey in 25 years. Read more about the county's historic survey at The Augusta Chronicle.

Euchee Creek Trail Extension Coming to Life

(July 23, 2018)

Columbia County residents have been hearing about the Euchee Creek trail expansion for years. Now after some setbacks, county leaders are finally ready to get started. Read more about the Euchee Creek Trail at WRDW →.

Lower Taxes Likely for Columbia County Property Owners

(July 18, 2018)

Columbia County property owners soon might pay lower property taxes. Read more about the millage rate at The Augusta Chronicle.

Columbia County Sheriff's Office Sees Lower Crime and Traffic Accidents

(July 17, 2018)

As the population in Columbia County continues to rise, new numbers from the sheriff's office show crime is going down. 

Columbia County Updates Disaster Plan for Animals

(July 7, 2018)

A new plan will help guide Columbia County officials on where to best seek help for residents’ nonhuman family members in an emergency. Read more about the updated animal disaster plan at The Augusta Chronicle.

Heavy Traffic at Intersection Raising Concerns, Wrightsboro Road @ Chamblin Road

(July 6, 2018)

From accidents to congestion, the intersection of Wrightsboro Road at Chamblin Road sees a significant amount of traffic but placing a signal light there is easier said than done. Read more about Wrightsboro Rd @ Chamblin Rd at WRDW →.

Proposed Site in Columbia County for New Solar Farm

(July 5, 2018)

Appling may be one step closer to a possible solar farm. Two plots of land were brought up in tonight's discussion, both off of Ray Owens Road and both plots were approved. Read more about the proposed solar farm at WRDW →.

BOOM! in the Park at Patriots Park

(July 3, 2018)

Plans and preparations are underway for Boom! In the Park at Patriots Park. Read more about BOOM! in the Park at WRDW →.

Columbia County Fire Rescue's New Sonar Equipment Means Faster Rescue Time in the Lake

(June 12, 2018)

When a person is drowning, every second counts. Now, Columbia County Fire Rescue has new sonar equipment to reduce search time. 

Columbia County Fire Rescue Rolls Out New State of the Art Aerial Truck for Better Fire Protection

(June 11, 2018)

Better fire safety for home and business owners is about to roll out in Columbia County. Read more about better Fire Safety at WJBF →.

Columbia County Fire Rescue Gets New Aerial Truck

(June 11, 2018)

Columbia County has a new million dollar addition to their community.  After the people of Columbia County voted the Columbia County Fire Rescue has a new aerial truck, paid for through the 2016 General Obligation Bond.  

Columbia County Animal Services Receives Honor for High Adoption Rates

(June 11, 2018)

Columbia County Animal Services is being recognized for getting pets adopted. The honor comes from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia and includes being spotlighted in Georgia Trend Magazine.  

Columbia County Offers Zoning 101 and 201  Classes for Realtors, Property Owners, and Residents

(June 8, 2018)

For the past year, Columbia County has held Zoning 101 classes for those who are interested in learning about land and development regulations. The classes are held twice a month at the county office and have been helpful for realtors, property owners, and residents.

Columbia County Emergency Operation Center Gets Upgrades After Audit

(April 29, 2018)

Columbia County's Emergency Operations Center is getting revamped after a recent audit. Read more about Columbia County Emergency Operations Center at WJBF →.

Columbia County Animal Shelter Recognized for No-Kill Procedures

(April 27, 2018)

Columbia County Animal Services has been helping other counties with the challenges of dealing with stray or unwanted animals. Read more about Columbia County Animal Shelter at Columbia County News Times.

Exit 190 Interchange Progress Easing Commuters Travels

(April 18, 2018)

Engineers have been working overnight to ease the congestion at exit 190.Some drivers say it's getting better. Read more about Exit 190 progress at WRDW →.

Dedication Made for New Grovetown Library

(April 16, 2018)

City and county leaders in Grovetown dedicated a space for a new library, but one person in particular has waited years to see this. Read more about the new Grovetown Library at WRDW →.

Road Re-Opening Early at Evans Towne Center 

(April 4, 2018)

A portion of Evans Towne Center Drive that’s been closed since January could reopen as early as Friday, almost a month ahead of schedule. Read more about Evans Towne Center at Columbia County News Times.

Columbia County Fire Fighters Getting More Paid Time Off to Match Other Employees

(March 26, 2018)

The men and women who are the first to protect us haven’t been given equal paid time off as other county employees and it has caused many to leave. Now, Columbia County commissioners are changing that. Read more about Columbia County Fire Fighters at WJBF →. 

Parking Concerns Raised for Upcoming Events

(March 26, 2018)

With big development comes more people but it also comes with an age-old question. “It's the biggest question we get - more often than anything else the phone rings and it's a parking question.”  Read more about parking at Evans Towne Center Park at WRDW →.

County Getting Three New Fire Trucks 

(March 7, 2018)

Columbia County Fire Rescue hopes to take delivery of three new fire trucks by the middle of April. Read more about the new fire trucks at The Augusta Chronicle →. 

Groundbreaking Day for Columbia County Performing Arts Center

(February 28, 2018)

Ceremonial shovels pushed back dirt to welcome the building they hope ties the whole development together. Read more the Performing Arts Center Groundbreaking at WRDW →.

City Seeks to Alleviate Congestion at Exit 190 with Expansion to Horizon South Parkway

(February 22, 2018)

This project will widen Horizon South to a four-lane road divided by a median. It will start at the interstate and extend all the way to Wrightsboro Road in Grovetown. Read more about Exit 190 at WRDW →.

A Piece of Family History Preserved by Pollard Family Member

(February 20, 2018)

A piece of land in the heart of Appling has just been donated to the county for greenspace. Read more about the Pollard Family at WJBF →.

County Leaders Work to Control Growth in Evans

(February 15, 2018)

New buildings at Evans Towne Center are coming up fast as Columbia County works to make Evans a destination. But, county commissioners have concerns and want to control exactly how the area grows. Read more about growth control at WRDW →.

Disaster Preparation and Recovery

(February 1, 2018)

Columbia County, Ga., saw the benefits of a new GIS-centric emergency response system when Hurricane Irma stormed into town in September 2017. 

Construction Crews Prepping for Upcoming Expansion at Exit 190

(January 31, 2018)

It may be a quick fix but upcoming construction in Grovetown for exit 190 looks like it could be a turn in the right direction. Read more about Exit 190 at WRDW →.

Columbia County Works to get Flowing Wells Road Widened

(January 30, 2018)

Columbia County Traffic Engineering Director Steve Cassell says the time is inching closer to help give drivers relief. Read more about Flowing Wells Road at WJBF →.

Officials get Sneak Peak of Building that's First Phase of Plaza Development

(January 18, 2018)

Space is being prepared for the new Your Pie pizza restaurant and outdoor eating area running the length of the building facing what will soon be the promenade of The Plaza. Read more about the Plaza Development at The Augusta Chronicle →.

Columbia County Uses New Technology for Winter Storms

(January 17, 2018)

Columbia County prepared for the storm on the ground, with some new technology in their hands. Read more about the new technology at WRDW →.

Roundabouts and Other Traffic Changes Coming to Appling-Harlem Exit

(January 16, 2018)

Neighbors who live near the I-20 interchange with U-S Highway 221 in Columbia County say they're worried about what a new project that includes two traffic circles at the interchange will mean for them. Read more about the traffic changes at WJBF →.

Exit 183 Improvements on Way, Residents Hopeful for 'Responsible Development'

(January 15, 2018)

Work crews may be seen near exit 183 in the coming weeks. Read more about exit 83 at WRDW →.

Industrial Park to be Built in Harlem Appling Area, Expected to Support Future Job Growth

(January 11, 2018)

This is an investment that could grow industry for years. Read more about the industrial park at WRDW →.

Commissioners Looking to Allow Outdoor Consumption of Alcohol in The Plaza Area

(January 10, 2018)

As building one of six gets ready to open, Columbia County is getting ready make a big change to its alcohol ordinance. Read more about outdoor consumption at WRDW →.

Year in Review for Columbia County, One of the Fastest Growing Areas

(December 27, 2017)

2017 welcomed another year of change in our area's fastest-growing county. Read more about the year at WRDW →.

Columbia County Commission OKs Builder for new Performing Arts Center

(December 22, 2017)

The Columbia Co. Commission unanimously voted Tuesday to award the contract to build the nearly $32 million facility to McKnight Construction. Read more about the performing arts center at Columbia County News Times →.

Firefighters Take Children Shopping

(December 20, 2017)

Christmas came early for 20 students in a Columbia County after-school program. Read more about it at Columbia County News Times →.

Plans to Widen Stevens Creek Road are Starting to take Shape

(December 14, 2017)

Starting at Mayo Road near Riverwatch Parkway all the way down to Evans to Locks Road, Stevens Creek will be widened adding a center lane for left turns. Read more about Stevens Creek Road at WRDW →.

4 Columbia County Parks New or Renovated Parks in the Works

(December 11, 2017)

Columbia County will see new park amenities and other improvements. Read more about the new parks at WRDW →.

First Look at New Performing Arts Center Coming to Columbia County

(November 29, 2017)

Columbia County will soon be home to a new performing arts center, and we’re getting a first look at what that facility will look like. Read more about the new center at WJBF →.

What Factors go into Columbia County Road Projects?

(November 20, 2017)

I had no idea how many years it can take to get a road project underway. There’s a lot that goes into it and only so much money to go around. I also learned, in this construction boom, it’s tough to hire workers to get the job done. Read more about County road projects at WJBF →.

Columbia County Launches Online Tool Showcasing Public Works Projects

(September 25, 2017)

A new addition to the county website called “Columbia County Works” has been created to help answer the questions of people who live in Columbia County or travel through on a daily basis. Read more about the online tool at WJBF →.

Columbia County Crews Continue to Assess Damage from Hurricane Irma

(September 13, 2017)

In 24 short hours on Monday, Columbia County's EMA responded to more than 250 calls for service. and they used this new GIS mapping system to help them do it. Read more about Hurricane Irma at WRDW →.

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