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To learn more about Columbia County closures, please visit the Columbia County COVID-19 News Story.
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County Applications

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Getting you the info you need, right when you need it.

We have a goal to make information more accessible for our community, which is why we're continuously developing new applications and services to make the day-to-day activities easier for residents, visitors, and developers. Browse our various web and mobile apps, that help you get the most out of our services.

Maps Online

Checking out property or utility information? Curious what voter precinct or County District you fall in? Maps Online is your go-to information hub.

maps online web app screenshot   Maps online is an innovative and interactive web based application which offers access to spatial data within Columbia County. The GIS Department works with several County Divisions to provide data about utility information, zip codes, zoning, and property information, like taxes, ownership, and sales records. Maps Online also helps keep voters informed about their voting precincts, polling locations, and Federal, State, and Local districts.

Maps Online

Maps Online User Guide

Other Map-Based Apps

Notifications of Public Hearings

Have you seen a notification sign, and want more information?

notifications of public hearings web app screenshot   The Notifications of Public Hearings application is yet another innovative and interactive web based application brought to you by the GIS Department. Together with the Planning Department, GIS is able to put the information you want and need about public hearings in your hands as quickly as possible. You can access application paperwork, staff reports, hearing dates, and more by clicking on the marker representing the location of a notification sign along a roadway. If you have questions or concerns regarding an item scheduled for a hearing, please call the Planning Department at (706) 868-3400.

Notifications of Public Hearings Web App


Columbia County At Work

Have you ever wondered what your sales tax dollars and stormwater utility fees actually do?

columbia county at work web app screenshot    Columbia County at Work is a web based application that, much like the projects it highlights, is constantly under construction. It highlights projects funded by SPLOST, Georgia DOT, and Stormwater fees that range from quick response to long term construction improvements. The site is a result of a partnership with Construction and Facilities Management and the Engineering Services division, and while Columbia County at Work provides an overview of projects currently happening in the County, it is in no way a complete listing of all of the work being done. More information about projects, whether they're featured on the site or not, can be found by visiting the respective department's website or calling 311.

Columbia County at Work


Columbia County Historic Resource Survey Viewer

Have you ever wanted to know more about historic homes and places in Columbia County?

historic resource survey viewer web app screenshot    The Columbia County Historic Resource Survey is a joint effort between the Planning Department, GIS Department, Columbia County Historical Society, and Historic Site Advisory Committee to document historic properties in Columbia County. This includes residential homes, commercial buildings, historic sites, and landscape features. The first survey of historic resources was conducted in 1973, with subsequent surveys in 1991, 1993, and most recently in 2018.  This application contains over 200 surveyed resources and is intended to be a "living document" for historic resources in Columbia County.

Columbia County Historic Resource survey Viewer


Find Your Representative

find your representatives web app screenshot   Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and gives everyone a voice. The simplest way to find out who represents you at a local, state, and national level.

All you have to do is enter in your address to find your representative.

Find Your Representative Today


Interactive Campus Map

Headed to a County department, and not quite sure where to go?

campus map web app screenshotThe Interactive Campus Map is your insider guide to who is where. From time to time, offices are shuffled around between building as departments grow, needs change, and buildings are adjusted. With the Interactive Campus Map, you can search a department's name and find out exactly where they are- campus location, building ID, and even floor number. Considering we live in a mobile world, the Campus Map is mobile friendly and can use your location services to tell you where you are and show you where you want to go.

Interactive Campus Map


Address Verification

Can emergency services find you?

address verification web app screenshot   Have you noticed an error in your physical address as compared to County records?

Use the Address Verification site to send the GIS Department your correct information!

Verify Your Address


Traffic Counts

columbia county traffic counts web app screenshot   Are you looking into developing a site in Columbia County? Our GIS department partnered with the Traffic Engineering Department to provide a convenient, easy-to-use site to access traffic count information.

View Traffic Counts

Story Maps

Historic Columbia County

historic columbia county story map screenshot   Take a step back into time with this virtual tour through numerous historical sites throughout the County

Discover places to visit that showcase the rich history of our area.

Historic Columbia County Story Map


Columbia County Through the Years

Have you ever wondered if Columbia County has always been the shape that it is today? Take a look at historical maps dating back to 1796 to see how our borders have changed and how towns have come and gone.



Greenspace Virtual Tour

greenspace virtual tour story maps screenshot   Preserving our natural resources is very important to us. Honored to have some of the best in the area, take a look at some areas that we are doing our part to keep green, and spots to get out and enjoy what mother nature has provided.

Greenspace Virtual Tour Story Map


Outdoor Adventure

outdoor adventure story map screenshot   Working with the Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau, GIS was able to make finding out the best local spots to enjoy the great outdoors.

Outdoor Adventure Story Map