Site Plan, Building Plan, and Sign Permit Applications

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We are available for consultations at any time throughout the process. Understanding the full project scope and how it can be affected by building and development requirements is crucial to assessing a project’s feasibility, timeline, and cost. Contact the Plan Review Team at (706) 447-1376 to schedule an appointment.


Site Plan Application

Plan Review Application – Commercial

Plan Review Application – Major Subdivision

Plan Review Application – Final Plat and/or As-Built

Proposed subdivisions resulting in no more than 4 lots can be approved administratively. Please contact the Planning Department at (706) 868-3400 for additional information.

Preliminary Subdivision Plats: 2018 Application Deadlines Preliminary Subdivision Plats
Plan Review Application: Plan Review Application - Final Plat and/or As-built
Final Subdivision Plats: 2018 Application Deadlines Final Subdivision Plats

Land Disturbance Permit Application [hyperlink to LDP page]


Building Applications

Building Permit Application

Commercial Building Application


Sign Permit Applications

The sign permitting process is managed by the Planning Department. Review the Sign Ordinance to learn more about the county’s regulations.

Permanent Sign Application

Temporary Sign Permit Application

Billboard Application


Project Information

Pre-Development Consultation

We are available for pre-development consultations. Understanding the County's expectation is paramount to assessing a project's feasibility, cost and schedule. Call to make an appointment with the Plan Review Team at (706) 447-1376.

Minor Subdivision Plats

As per Columbia County Code Section 74-42, proposed subdivisions resulting in not more than 4 lots or tracts including the remaining portion of the original tract can be processed administratively. Please contact Plan Review at (706) 312-7196 for additional information.

Land Disturbance Permit

On June 7, 2016, the Board of Commissioners adopted a policy to require all projects with land disturbing activity to complete a Land Disturbance Application